What are the requirements needed to be a part of ADN?

- To be passionate and feel motivated by personal and social development

- To be between 19 and 23 years old.

- To be studying in a University and not to be in the last semester

- B e willing to postpone your studies for 1 semester

- To be a resident of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Jal. or Los Cabos, B.C.S.

What is the objective of the ADN Project?

We are more connected than ever and we need tolerant leaders who work together to gain a new appreciation and understanding of diversity and culture. The ADN Project is an experience that allows young people to develop the necessary leadership skills needed to face current and future problems, turning them into citizens of the world and training them as agents of change with a high level of social conscience, competitiveness, openness, preparation for globalization, making them able to lead the world to a better future.

Is there any difference with other international experiences?

Yes. The main difference is that the ADN Project offers support and financing with grants of up to 100% in exchange for your talent and contribution, developing the DAR Certification Model within a Civil Assistance Association.

Where can I travel to with the ADN Project?

Depending on your profile, we have two options:
1. Experience Tallinn, Estonia and in Montreal, Canada: If you are an engineering student and you are interested in programming to create, develop or participate in projects focused on new technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, robotics, etc., this adventure is for you! 2. Experience Toronto and Montreal, Canada: Regardless of which career you are studying, if you are interested in being part of the ADN Project and impacting society from your area of expertise, this is the best option for you!

What are the stages of the ADN Project?

  1. Pre-Selection Process (you will take part in different activities)
  2. Integrate to a Civil Association with the Social Changer Program (4 hours from Monday to Friday during 2-3 months in office hours)
  3. Being Selected / Proposal of a grant modality (January 7th 2020)
  4. Live the ADN International Experience (Stay for 5 weeks in the assigned country)
  5. Social Changer Program (5 hours from Monday to Friday for 3 months office hours)
  6. Live the DNA International Experience (Stay for 5 weeks in the assigned country)
  7. Final delivery
  8. Talent Attraction

What is the Social Changer Program?

It is the stage of the ADN Project in which the young participants, in their quest to be changers with social impact (Social Changers), join their efforts in favor of the Civil Associations, implementing improvements and establishing themselves within the institution as social service providers during 480 hours, participating in its development and growth. The Social Changer Program fulfills a double task: on the one hand, it seeks to offer participants the possibility of contributing with their knowledge and skills, impacting on the most vulnerable sectors of society and consolidating their training as managers. On the other hand, it helps Civil Associations that want to comply with the guidelines set by the DAR Certification Model in order to make them more competitive and of greater interest to national and international benefactors, providing them with greater possibilities of permanence over time.

How do I qualify for a grant?

Grants are the product of the socioeconomic study and the tests that are carried out within the selection process. The ADN Project Committee will determine the percentage that will be awarded to each one of the participants, who must cover the resulting difference. Those selected must sign a contract and a promissory note for which they will need a guarantee, which may be a parent or guardian. They must also sign a letter of exclusion of liability and an agreement for use of image.

What's included in the ADN Project?

- French and English Pre-courses. - Flights to the destination countries. - 3 daily meals during the international experience. - Lodging (Homestay) with a family residing in the destination country. - Intensive language courses in the destination country. - Classes, courses, workshops and cultural activities. - Learning material. - Medical expenses. - Emergency fund. - Mentor in the destination Country.

What should I consider within my personal budget?

The ADN Project does NOT include: - Procedures, passport payments or documents requested by the country to which you will travel. - Charges for extra luggage. - Drugs not included by the insurance company. - Personal purchases such as personal hygiene items, winter clothes, haircuts, etc. To cover these expenses, we recommend that you bring a cash or a personal Credit or Debit card.

What can I expect from the ADN Project?

Independence, adventure, new friends from different cultures, living in new conditions, growth opportunities, training, personal improvement, among many other things. We seek to promote your talent and abilities, helping you to recognize your strengths and living growth opportunities with young people like you, creating an improved version of yourself. Get inspired and make a difference!

Do we have supervision during the trip?

In all the international experiences of the ADN Project, a Mentor is assigned. He or she has the mission of supporting the Changers if they have doubts or face any unforseen situation.

Where are the procedures to apply to Project DNA carried out?

The registration process for the ADN Project can be done directly in our webpage (the form is in spanish) however, depending on the stage you are in the selection process, the consequent procedures will have to be done online or in person and will be subject to your place of residence and availability of interviewers, same that you will be informed to you via email. Our offices are located in:

- The Metropolitan Zone of Guadalajara:

Av. Netzahualcóyotl 613, Piso 1 Oficina 7

Col. Cd del Sol

CP 45050

Zapopan, Jal.

- Los Cabos, Baja California:

Venustiano Carranza No.11

entre Abasolo y Ocampo

Col. Centro

CP 23410

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

Is the ADN Project carried out by a non-profit organization?

Yes! The ADN Project is an initiative of the De Alba Razo Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. If you want to know more, you can visit their web page.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

Send a message to the following email and we will gladly answer your questions and take your comments into account: contacto@proyectoadn.org You can find more contact information in our page.